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Wildlife Management

Cruse Hardwoods provides a wide range of management plans to meet your wildlife and recreation objectives. Here is a list of the many services we provide:


  • Wildlife Habitat Enhancement
  • Wildlife Census
  • Wildlife vegetative cover and Food Plot establishment
  • Lake Site Creation
  • ATV and Hiking trail construction
  • WHIP (Wildlife Habitat Incentive Program) plans in conjunction with USDA.
  • Hunting Lease Brokerage


Our wildlife management services cover a wide spectrum of game animals and techniques to improve their habitat. Integrating our wildlife management services with our timber management program can have a profound effect on a landowners profitability and land value.

Many forest landowners have other goals for their woods than simply improving their standing timber. We understand this need and therefore we work with the landowner in designing a more diverse management plan.


Your forest can be managed successfully for both timber and wildlife in conjunction with one another. For more information on our services or wildlife and recreation management options, please contact us.