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Selling Standing Timber in Ohio?

Sell TimberCruse Hardwoods buys standing timber in all of the great state of Ohio. Selling timber in Ohio may seem easy, but getting the best price.......IS NOT. Let Cruse Hardwoods sell your timber! We bring the best prices in Ohio  . Visit our Consultation page to sign up for a FREE TIMBER EVALUATION..





Ohio Forest Facts:

  1. 31 percent of Ohio is forested.
  2. 8.5 million acres in Ohio are in tree cover.
  3. 96 percent of Ohio’s forests are hardwood trees (deciduous).
  4. 4 percent of Ohio’s forests are conifers (evergreens).
  5. Two Ohio counties are more than 70 percent forested (Lawrence and Vinton).
  6. There are over 100 different hardwood  tree species growing in Ohio.
  7. 87 percent of Ohio’s forests are owned by private woodland owners.
  8. Ohio has 397,000 family forest owners who own a total of 6.2 million acres of woodland.
  9. Ohio grows one billion board feet of wood each year. This is 2.5 to three times as much timber as Ohio harvests annually.
  10. Some of the finest hardwoods in the world grow in Ohio.
  11. Ohio has 15 national champion Big Trees growing in its soil.
  12. Wood industries in Ohio account for 3.56 percent of all employment.


Facts were taken from Ohio DNR Forestry Website