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Selling Standing Timber in Illinois?

Sell TimberCruse Hardwoods buys standing timber in the great state of Illinois. Selling timber in Illinois may seem easy, but getting the best price.......IS NOT. Let Cruse Hardwoods sell your timber! We get the best prices in Illnois.. Visit our Consultation page to sign up for a FREE TIMBER EVALUATION..





Illinois Forest Facts:

  1. Total land area - 35.6 million acres
  2. Average annual volume growth exceeds forest removals by 160 percent
  3. Forestland prior to European settlement - 13.8 million acres (40 percent)
  4. Forestland today - 4.4 million acres (12 percent)
  5. Illinois grows some of the finest hardwoods in the nation, such as black walnut, red oak, white oak, yellow poplar, ash, hickory, hard maple, and soft maple
  6. 97 percent of Illinois’ forests are classified as hardwoods
  7. 3 percent of Illinois’ forests are classified as conifers
  8. State tree: White Oak (Quercus alba)
  9. Illinois has six trees listed on the National Register of Big Trees
  10. Over 250 tree species have been recorded in Illinois
  11. Over 170,000 private forest landowners
  12. Average forest ownership parcel size is ~ 21 acres
  13. 82 percent of Illinois’ forests owned by private individuals (3.6 million acres)


Facts were taken from University of Illinois