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Selling Your Standing Timber

Sell TimberAt Cruse Hardwoods, we know that when you sell your standing timber, you want to optimize the potential of your forestland.  When you decide to harvest standing timber, your forestland should be treated unique.  This is the experience you will gain when you consult with a timber buyer or forester from Cruse Hardwoods on your next timber sale.  Whether it is a complete land management contract or a timber management contract, Cruse Hardwoods knows how to insure you that your timber sales will exceed the expectations of just a local timber buyer or local logger.


Frequently Asked Question about
How To Sell Timber or What Is My Timber Worth


Q. What is my timber worth ?
A. Sitting here in our offices in Bedford, Indiana, it would be difficult for us to estimate what your timber is worth. Especially because timber value is dependent on the size and quality of the logs cut out of the tree. Local timber markets can also have a strong affect on timber values.


Q. How Do I Sell My Timber
A. To sell timber, first and foremost, a client must feel comfortable with the people they have hired. It is best to also work with a comprehensive company like Cruse Hardwoods who can service all of your needs as a landowner. Such As:


  • Timber Sale Services
  • Certified Logging
  • Forest Management
  • Land Management
  • Land Sales
  • Wildlife Management
  • Survey and GIS Mapping


Q. Can I Sell Storm damaged or blown down timber ?
A. Yes, I depends how long the timber has been laying on the ground and how severe the wind damage has affected the access of the timber harvesting process. The quicker you can sell the blown down timber the better.


Q. A Independent Consulting Forester or Timber Buyer told us timber prices were down, is this true ?
A. No, Timber prices fluctuate moderately from spring to winter. Timber prices are really based upon log markets, which consulting forester have very little knowledge of because they do not sell logs. We sell logs everyday and have firsthand experience of how much hardwood logs and veneer logs are worth; where as a consulting forester’s knowledge of value ends in the woods.


Q. Who establishes our property or boundary lines ?
A. Cruse Hardwoods is responsible for property lines. We use state of the art GPS/GIS mapping to ensure more precise and accurate information to our clients.


Q. We have only a few acres are you interested ?
A. Usually we have to have at least 20-40 acres to come harvest your timber. Usually the timber must be big, good quality and have some walnut or white oak in them for us to be interested.


Q. I have a huge black walnut veneer, or cherry veneer, or a white oak veneer tree, in my yard, can I sell it?
A. No, usually we have to have 25-50 trees to come out on and they would all have to be pretty nice trees trees for us to come look at. But we would be more than happy to hear from you so we can get a better idea of what you have.


Q. I can’t pay for a surveyor, and I know my lines are going to be hard to establish. What can I do ?
A. Cruse Hardwoods has a licensed surveyor on staff who works with our Forest Management program, our Hunting lease program, and our land management program. His job is to survey (for free) the properties that will be enrolling in to a management contract. He will surveyor your land and clear up any easements on the deed that you might be having problems with for access. He can fix description problem or make any transfers, or any splits that you wish to make. He will also post the property very well with large metal signs that say Cruse Hardwoods, Timber Boundary and then have the name of the landowner underneath. This is all done free of charge when you enroll in any of the management programs.


Q. We are very worried that harvesting trees will destroy our property. Will it ?
A. No, however, it will take a few years to heal. A properly managed harvest can actually improve the health of the forest. And when you enroll in one of our management programs we have a machine that will come back in a short amount of time that will move a few tops around and cut down some of your brushy areas, re-establishing old trails, and cutting in new ones for your enjoyment. This machine mulches so it leaves a nice bed of mulch on the forest floor to keep the vegetation from coming back. This is a really neat tool and I have used it on my own farm and I would not harvest my timber without it.


Q. How big do trees have to be before they are timber-size?
A. If you can take a 40” string and wrap it around the tree on your property at chest height, then the trees will qualify.


Q. Do you charge to visit our property ?
A. Absolutely not, if we were to look at your property and you have timber, then we will walk the woods and give you a basic idea of what your woods is worth and several different contract options so you can pick the plan that is right for you and your family. If you don’t have timber then we will share as much useful information as we can. Like the condition that your woods is in and how soon before it can be cut. Also we can go over management plans that could improve your next timber harvest for generation to come. This is all free information to you.