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Cruse Hardwoods, owned and operated by Perry Cruse Jr., whose foundation began when my father, Perry Cruse Sr. retired in 1983 from General Motors. Together we began to invest in real estate which led to our growing knowledge of the timber industry. Real estate and timber remained part time and word of mouth until I, who also worked at General Motors, retired in 1996. By that time, I had begun teaching my son the basics of the industry.


Cruse Hardwoods now employee's more than six full time logging crews and a professional forester with a degree from Purdue University, who heads up our forest management program.


In a rapidly growing industry, Cruse Hardwoods has diversified to provide a professional service for our landowners. We are a small company with the capability to provide individual attention and management to our customers, which seem to slip through the cracks of larger timber companies. Yet we are large enough to offer a complete range of forestry services. From your basic timber buying and harvest to a complete forest management plan.


Our Mission is to work for our landowners, not ourselves and to help them achieve their individual goals for their forest land.